Cosmology  Theory



  1. Here is my  "New Cosmology Theory"

   explaining  the Universe from the Smallest to the Largest ....

  1.   1.  There could not have been a  "Big Bang"

  2.        where all matter and energy that exists today

  3.        existed in one point in space ( singularity ).

  4.        If all the matter and energy was there at the moment of the "Big Bang"

  5.        then as this Universe is expanding at such a rapid rate

  6.        it should be cooling at an equally rapid rate

  7.        .... and yet that is not what we are seeing or measuring.

  8.        The expanding universe is getting MORE ENERGETIC.

  9.   2.  The universe is still being created everywhere ( via White Holes )

  10.        which is why the fabric of space is expanding in every direction.

  11.        That is why we see everything is moving away from us ....

  12.        ( discussed in much greater detail in the booklet )

  13.   3. Polarity ( not Gravity )

  14.        holds everything BOTH together and apart;

  15.        creating and maintaining the order we see and experience.

  16.        ( Gravity cannot keep things both apart  AND together in equal order )

  17. 4.  Solar Systems, Gas Clouds, Dust Clouds,

  18.       all have Magnetic Shields  ( bubbles )  around them

  19.       to hold them together .... and keep them apart from their surroundings.

  20.        Right now, our Solar System is passing thru a  6000°  Dust Cloud.

  21.        Its temperature is maintained within a  -250°  "deep space"  surrounding

  22.        because of the Magnetic Bubble  ( shield )  surrounding it.

  23.        ( as to how such a hot Dust Cloud can exist in deep cold Space

  24.        .... see the Booklet )

  25.        Our Solar System is protected from that Dust Cloud as we pass thru it

  26.        by our Solar System's own Magnetic Bubble  ( shield ),

  27.        otherwise we would have burned up already.

Polarity  (not Gravity)

holds everything in the Universe

both together and apart

.... giving it both dynamics and order.







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