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Because ....

  1.  Loads are totally even side-to-side

  2.  Off-center moving mass (vanes) are extremely light weight

  3.  Torque is so high because the vanes are 90º to the explosion

  4.  8 combustions per revolution makes it so so smooth

  5.  Even loads means high speed and high HP

..... It runs far more efficiently than Wankel or piston options

      and is far simpler, lighter and more efficient (lower polluting)

      and thus far GREENER THAN ANY OTHER ENGINE can be !

How did you come up with it ?

•  We were wanting to create a simple to make rotary engine for our roadster

    project. At the same time we wanted to be able to use it as a compressor

    for the climate control system. The engine is now planned for its first

    showing in in our  ( link: Panther Motorcycle Project )

•  We begin all projects with a list of goals ....


  1.         •  Extremely easy to make parts

  2.         •  As few parts as possible  (8)

  3.         •  Very smooth and quiet  (the load is totally even)

  4.         •  Very fuel efficient


  1.         •  All parts based on simple to make curves.

  2.         •  Eight parts in total, not counting fasteners.

  3.         •  No off-centered mass

  4.         •  Hydraulically and mechanically balanced

How long did it take ?

     •  We began in 1967 and revived it to completion in 1997.

     •  It took a total of 2 years.

When will I see it in the market ?

        •  It is scheduled to to be released on the Panther Motorcycle.

What makes it different ?

        •  Only 8 parts (not including fasteners)

                        4 vanes

                        1 central tube

                        1 outer casing

                        2 end plates

         •  Eight parts means it costs much less to produce.

         •  No valves, springs, rods, rings etc to maintain.

         •  Lighter and smaller than a Piston or Wankel engine.

         •  Extremely light weight and totally even loads 

             means it runs much cleaner with fewer emissions.


         •  It can be made with any compression ratio

            and so can be made to run on many fuel types,

            such as gasoline, diesel,  bio-diesels, kerosene,

            ethanol, natural gas, propane, or methane

            and, of course,  JP5-8 military fuels.

         •  It can even be used as a heat-engine

            for external combustion applications.

The smoothest, simplest, greenest engine ever invented ....







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