Business Plan



•  We expect the Engine version of the Cyclops

    will prove easier to launch

    because it represents few product variations

    and is quite easy to make with very few parts.

•  We have not yet approached anyone concerning the Cyclops Engine,

    nor has it been featured in any publications. 

    It is being debuted to the world for the first time on this new WebSite.


•  There is no similar device as simple in design or as easy to make. 

    The smoothness and simplicity will earn it a marked penetration

    into the engine, compressor and pump industry.


•  Pumps, compressors and engines have been around for a very long time. 

    It is an industry that does not see much significant change. 

•  The industry prefers the efficiency of the rotary approach

    but often sticks with the piston approach for the sake of reliability and torque

    especially for high-powered or high-efficiency applications. 

•  Occasionally, a new rotary design is created,

    but almost without exception they have short-comings,

    usually in the areas of expense and reliability.

            •  Rotary compressors can be far more expensive that piston types.


            •  There is "vane chatter" due to the spring-loaded vanes

                bouncing at the intake and exhaust ports.

            •  Construction often based on complex yet critical shapes

                and so makes manufacture expensive.

            •  Each release after compression causes sudden load changes

                and a "burping" results.

Competitive Advantage

•  The Cyclops  is smoother and less expensive to make than competing designs

    and offers a flexibility that is unmatched ....

            •  It is very simple to make because it is based ONLY on circles and ovals.

               (There are no odd shapes to consider as in a Wankel Rotary).

            •  It has 8 compressions per revolution so it is very smooth with minimal "burping".

            •  The vanes are not spring loaded so there is no "vane chatter".

            •  There is no off-centered motion, so the rotating mass stays smoothly balanced.

            •  The design is size independent and flexible enough

                to easily configure any overall size, compression, bore or stroke desired.


            •  High Torque due to to 8 combustions per revolution

               as well as due to the angle of the vanes.

•  The Cyclops introduction will begin

    by offering it as an engine option on the newly released Panther Motorcycle.

    We then expect an immediate penetration

    in the area of air-conditioning and heat-pump compressors.







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